about us

Kameleon Art Studio is a real covid baby. It was born in May 2020, when the world slowly opened up to us again after the first lockdown. At that time it was still called no paint no gain studio. It grew from a group of Facebook friends into a small business that was created to allow “artists” without craftsmanship or self-confidence to create a special painting.

I set up the studio after seeing that not only friends and acquaintances would come to paint in the middle of our living room, but also those who were unfamiliar to me. Friends of friends started joining the group and signed up for workshops. That's when I started looking for a place and found a nice little painting studio in Óbuda. We kept the paintings here for half a year, but I felt maybe I could fill a space of my own with workshops and finally have a studio where I could paint in my spare time. I found a spacious bourgeois apartment that we rented out with a friend after a short hesitation. After a minor renovation and a larger cleaning, our place in Szász Károly Street opened.

I consider it important to say that I am not an artist, I paint only for my own pleasure. I am an economist, working in the world of multis for almost 20 years. That was enough, I longed for something else. This little painting studio is a perfect nook for me and now for others who like to play with colors, love to try something new, something they used to think they have no talent for. Nearly 500 works have been made since the studio’s inception, and that number could have been much higher if the lockdowns due to the viral situation hadn’t affected this area of ​​our lives as well.

In our workshops, you can learn a painting technique that is really slap in the face, so you don’t have to focus on using the tools or the lines that get out of hand while creating, just the colors you use. You are working on pretty big canvases on the paintings, and we always agree on their dimensions in advance. You can measure the wall surface where you intend your work and take the most appropriate image in the workshop. You are not limited in time or amount of paint used. I think it is very important that all participants can be part of a reassuring, stress-free and refreshing creative process, and do not feel that it is time to leave the program to leave the unfinished work. They come from children, adults, men and women alike. It is possible to paint in pairs or as a family, works have already been made by the whole eighth grade graduating class, but with the intention of building a team, we have already formed a whole basket team with us. There are returning regulars who have visited the studio for the fifth, sixth time. A tiny door opened for them, through which something else, something new, was always trying to make its way. They bring their friends, their children, their parents. Everyone, regardless of age, finds the beauty of the work, and the relaxation and special end result fills every newborn artist with pride.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! I’m sure you too can create something that you’ll be happy to take home and put on the wall. 

I'm waiting for you to paint, 

Vanda Budai